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Four Times Winners of 'Best Use of Local Produce'

Milton Keynes Food & Leisure Awards 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018!

Jon Adriaenssens: Chef of the Year - Winner

Milton Keynes Food & Leisure Awards 2017

Milton Keynes Pub of the Year 2018


We are very proud of our suppliers and local producers.

Thanks to these people for keeping us going:

James Evans @ Pastures Farm, Yardley Hastings, supplying Chicken, Turkey Duck & all of our Guinea Fowl from home reared stocks.

Graham & the Team G.J Douglas, Newport Pagnell including local Newport Pagnell Spring Lamb, Red Poll, Hereford and other local rare breed beef & Pork as well as Woburn Estate Venison.

Chris & Jenny @ Fruity Farmer, Stoke Goldington for their own cold pressed rapeseed oil

Matt & Giff @ Emberton Smoked Garlic

Local Farmers in Hardmead, Olney, Turvey, Stagsden, Lavendeon, Hanslope, Tyringham, Gayhurst, Filgrave, Emberton, Weston Underwood and more for their outstanding Lamb, Pork & Beef

Warrington House Farm - Olney during Asparagus & Strawberry Season.

Ant & Del @ Harvest, Olney, for fruit & veg.

T&J Fine foods

Emberton residents, and beyond, for their homegrown fruit vegetables.

We want your veg! Come in and swap for beer & wine!

Mandy & Nigel, Cold Brayfield, Chicken, Duck & Goose Eggs, Fresh Goose Fat, Local Cider

Lawrence @ Wharf Distillery & Cidery MK - Local Cider & Spirits

Dan @ Conrete Cow MK - for the dirty cow

Ryan @ Hornes

Datis @ Bucks Star

Tom @ Blackpit

Russ & Toni @ Bacchus Wines - Olney

Kevin @ Wineman

Leon @ Marstons

Local Honey from their own bees from beekeepers in Filgrave, Gayhurst, Stoke Goldington & Sherington Bridge.

Jordan & Eric @ Premier Cheese for Specialist & Continental Cheeses

and a special mention to:

Breads by Gareth @ Amazing Grains, Emberton

we use them through-out our menu, baked every day for us.

Gareth's Handmade Breads are available to purchase in the bar

Fridays from 7pm and can be pre-ordered through Gareth directly.